Stories From The Road

The Final Chapter Of The Bend To Baja Journey

Location: Baja, Mexico

Weaving in and out of the bustling streets of Tijuana, we saw our first glimpse of the Baja coastline. The coastal views and warm air were well worth the 1500 mile journey from the frozen north. Our relaxed pace over the desolate roadways and rugged landscape gave way to nine unforgettable days and nights. We experienced food, culture and friendships that extended beyond imaginary borders.

Traveling with a larger group of friends and multiple vehicles is always a great time and presents a few unique challenges to keep everything running smoothly. Our journey from Bend to Baja had its fair share of ups, downs, and detours. We thought we’d share some of our most trusted secrets for keeping you and your group happy and healthy on the road.

Our Favorite Gear For Baja

ExoShell 270 - With sandy beaches around every corner, the only thing left was to create a bit of protection from the sun. The ExoShell 270 was the key to keeping the rays at bay and making sure the shade stayed right where it needed to be.

Skycamp 3.0 Mini - The ease of setting up the Skycamp 3.0 Mini for a great view of the stars every night made it the perfect place to enjoy dark skygazing. And afternoon naps. Waking up to the sound of the waves crashing and pulling back the side window awnings to start the day made each morning one to remember.

5 Secrets To Happiness On The Road

1. Be Flexible : Having a plan is only the first step to a great trip. Things like weather, crowds, and unexpected circumstances can mean a pivot might be in order. Talk with your group and keep a few positive alternatives in mind in case things don’t go exactly according to plan.

 2. Slow Down: Sure we all want to “get there” as soon as possible, but the destination is only one of many great things about exploring with friends and family. If you’ve got a long drive to get where you’re going, find a few spots on the way to and from your destination to break up the drive. It will add another level of awesome to your trip.

 3. Stop For Lunch: Good food makes any trip that much better. Planning a lunch stop during a long day of travel gives your group the chance to stretch, check in, and experience an additional area on the way to your destination. Busting out the Disco Series for a quick bite with a view is also a great move.

4. Bring Walkie Talkies: We’ve gone on enough week-long trips within the iKamper community to know that giving each vehicle a walkie talkie might be the best (or worst) decision you’ll ever make. Keep the jokes, rest stops, and any loose gear straps all under control with a quick push of a walkie talkie. We think you’ll find this doubles the amount of laughter on a daily basis. Not to mention they can come in handy where cell service is spotty.

5. Ask The Locals: Yelp, tripadvisor and all the other apps we have these days can fall short of simply asking a local. Some things were meant to be told from person to person, and we’ve found those things are usually great things to know. Make a new friend and ask a local!

5 Secrets To Staying Healthy On The Road

1. Bring That Mat: When you’re mixing extended time in the car with being active, one of the best things you can do is bring a yoga mat. They’re an easy excuse to get out and stretch, they can create a few extra seats at camp, and a nice little bed for the pup around the fire.

 2. Fresh Fruit Forever: Turns out our moms and dads were right… a few handheld snacks like apples, oranges, bananas (and the list goes on) are a great thing to keep in the center console. They tend to pair very well with those tasty trail mixes you brought, as well.

3. Walk It Out: A quick hike down to the water or up the hillside for a great view always keeps the blood flowing. A stroll after a meal or getting a good 10 mile adventure in makes for a great night's sleep, which makes for even better mornings.

4. Hydration Baby: Nothing will turn a great day into a tough one faster than forgetting to stay hydrated. Keep the good vibes flowing by making sure you have a gallon of water per person, per day that you’re out in the sun and fresh air.

5. Bring The Soap: We all know that things get dirty a lot faster than they get clean when you’re camping. An assortment of paper towels, wet wipes, and biodegradable soap ensures that everything can be as clean as it needs to be before, during and after.

With over 3000 miles on our journey from Bend to Baja in our rearview mirror now, it’s safe to say that this was the trip of a lifetime. Spending a month on the road with the entire 2022 product line, we pushed our newest gear to the limits of fun and functionality. We have had a blast sharing this behind-the-scenes look at what it means to live our motto of Love People & Love Nature. It’s our mission to bring you the world's best outdoor gear and share our passion for adventure with you every day. Thanks for following along on this epic journey. Stay tuned for the next series as we join one of our RAD Ambassadors in the heart of the South African bush in  “The Legend Of Anton Poplett - The Wrong Road For The Right Reasons.”