Giving Back

If you’re reading this on our website, then you’re probably already familiar with iKamper’s “Love People, Love Nature” motto. Here at iKamper, it’s not just a slogan that we put on our products; it’s something we are committed to living and achieving. We’d like to tell you about some steps we’re taking and partnerships we’ve formed to accomplish this.

Before establishing iKamper, founder and CEO Soon Park had a vision to be able to share the freedom, beauty, and discovery that nature provides with the people whom he loves the most - his family and friends. As iKamper has grown and expanded its presence around the world over the years, we continue to have this core message of loving people and loving nature guide us.

In 2019, we opened the US iKamper office in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We became a member of the Conservation Alliance and have joined the outdoor community's leading companies in protecting North America's wild places. We’ve also partnered with Tread Lightly!, a U.S.-based nonprofit dedicated to promoting responsible outdoor recreation through stewardship and educational programs

We wanted to share this exciting news with you and to demonstrate our commitment to our core message. You can contribute to Conservation Alliance here, and you can learn about Tread Lightly! here.

We wanted to share this exciting news with you and emphasize our commitment to this philosophy. We also encourage you to become involved in any way you can to Love People and Love Nature, whether locally or internationally.