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Roof Top Tent Storage

When it comes to tent storage, often the folks at iKamper ask, "Why store it?" Our rooftop tents are 4-season rated against wind, rain, snow, and UV rays, so there really isn't a reason to take the rooftop tent off. The hard shell, thick canvas, and waterproof rainfly are meant to endure the toughest elements, daily. We even offer an Insulation Tent liner to keep you warm during the fall/winter and helps prevent moisture buildup inside, so you can extend your camping season year round.

However, if you do plan to cut your camping season short, we have some rooftop tent storage ideas for you. Just make sure you follow the instructions below, so your rooftop tent stays safe in your garage during the winter and your investment maintains its value!

Garage Floor Storage (Upright)


It is safe to store your rooftop tent upright, along the back of the tent (hinge side down), as long as you follow these steps.

It only requires a pool noodle and the dust cover that came with the tent. If you no longer have the dust cover, you can purchase a large moving blanket (around 72" x 80") for under $10. This is the best and cheapest rooftop tent storage ideas if you have limited floor space in your garage or storage area. You don't need to store the tent covered, but we recommend it.

  • Prepare the solid foam pool noodle (between 1.5"-3" in diameter), by cutting it into 12" sections. Usually, you can get between 4 and 6 foam sections along the bottom edge of your rooftop tent. Evenly space the pool noodles perpendicular to the wall you plan to lean the rooftop tent on.
  • Next, wrap your rooftop tent with the moving blanket and secure it in place with duct tape.
  • Finally, have a friend help you lift the rooftop tent from the bottom (hinge side down) and sides, then gently place the bottom of the tent on the pool noodles. It is ok to lift the RTT using the mounting rail and reposition the tent on the pool noodles (see 3rd image). The pool noodles provide enough cushion and space under the rooftop tent, so you don't have to worry about pinching your hand under the tent when you lower it down.

Wow! You just learned how to store a roof top tent! Pretty simple, huh?!


Garage Floor Storage (Flat)


This rooftop tent storage option is very similar to the previous suggestion. If you feel the urge to start storing boxes on top of the tent, don't! The dual layer FRP hard shell can handle quite a bit of weight on top of it, we just don't want you to make it harder to use your tent if you get the urge to go winter camping :)

If you have enough room on your garage floor or storage area, you can simply follow instructions 1-2 above, and then have a friend help you lift the rooftop tent and place it on to the pool noodle sections. It is as simple as that!

Garage Ceiling Storage


This method is more labor-intensive and costly than the first two storage options, but it's definitely worth it if you have enough height for your garage ceiling storage. Utilizing the open space in your garage above your vehicle is a great way to maintain that coveted and often limited floor space. These ceiling hoists can be found on Amazon, Harbor Freight, local hardware stores, and online specialty garage organization sites.

The best part about using your garage ceiling as storage space is that it makes it very convenient to take the tent off/on your vehicle. It's not just for long-term winter storage!

When you look for a ceiling-mounted storage solution, make sure the load capacity of the ceiling hoist exceeds the weight of the tent. For example, our Skycamp Mini, weighs 125 lbs and our largest 4-person rooftop tent, the Skycamp 2.0, weighs 160 lbs.

There are 2 types of ceiling storage systems for your rooftop tent. The first ceiling hoist is operated by a 12v motor and the second is mechanical which uses a rope and pulley system, along with the strength of your arms! Either one will work with your rooftop tent, and most human-powered storage systems can be operated by a single person (you don't have to be big and strong).

Electric Hoist

Mechanical Hoist

You will want to get a pair of straps to loop under the tent and hook to your ceiling storage system. Most people use regular tiedown ratchet straps. When we install a new roof top tent for our customers, we use a pair of 8 foot "tree saver straps" from Amazon (any brand will work and they cost around $25 each). The are commonly used to wrap around a tree as an anchor point for winching a vehicle, so they are plenty strong enough to support your tent.

Still wondering what to do?

Our iKamper Facebook Group has more than 12k active members with endless amounts of tent, camping, and overlanding knowledge. If you have a question about how to store your tent, they have an answer!


Enjoy Your New Roof Tent Storage System

Ok, you finally have the best solution for off season what? If you're interested in preparing yourself for camping next year, and maybe even camping in the winter, you can head over to our Winter Camping Checklist. It will cover things you'll need to bring with you to ensure that you have a good winter camping experience. Remember, more gear is required in frigid weather than in the warmer seasons, so don't skimp on your gear and setup. Get some camping tips on how to make the most of your camping experience in winter conditions! Maybe we can convince you to take that roof top tent out of your garage.