Stories From The Road

When the time came to put our new Skycamp 3.0 and X-Cover 2.0 RTT’s to the test we knew there was only one way to do it. We set out to plan an adventure that would take us from some of the harshest conditions to some of the best, all in one trip. After putting our heads together we thought we had it: A 3,500 mile round trip journey from Bend, Oregon to Baja, Mexico... and so, Bend to Baja was born!

It’s our goal that every product designed and put into the world by our team is put through the widest range of testing possible. When we put the iKamper name on our products you know that we’ve already taken them to the limit and come back to confidently say they meet our expectations (which we have to say, are pretty darn high). Follow along on our journey from Bend to Baja to see just what you can expect when you purchase any of our incredible iKamper products!


We rolled into Oregon with high hopes and low temps. The X-Cover 2.0 had a chance to shine with its integrated awnings and easy set up when we arrived after dark. Our first few nights on the road were met with unexpected snow, and the tent features kept us cozy through it all. Shaking the snow off of the new and improved eco-friendly rainfly’s was a refreshing way to greet the day. Paired with our new RTT Sleep Systems, the cold temps stayed where they belonged… outside!

Location: Bend, OR
Temperature: Day: 19 degrees / Night: -5 degrees
Activity: Fly Fishing // Staying Warm
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Heading south for a taste of warmer weather, we settled in at the base of Mt Shasta, CA. We always try to capture the incredible places that you’re able to experience with iKamper, and Mt Shasta was no exception. Enjoying some brunch in the Annex Plus with a killer view was a meal to remember. The spaciousness of both the Skycamp 3.0 and Annex Plus made it easy to bring the whole group together and share stories about some of our favorite places.

Location: Mt. Shasta, CA
Temperature: Day: 45 degrees / Night: 25 degrees
Activity: Brunch with a view
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So many of us in the community love to spend our days and nights outside in the pursuit of our passions. Setting up our RTT basecamp between the boulders in the Alabama Hills was a great place to enjoy some rock climbing and adventure cycling right out of bed. When it comes to bringing your favorite gear, the cross bars that come standard on our X-Cover 2.0 series are ready to help. Hitting the road solo or with a partner in crime makes the X-Cover 2.0 Mini a great fit for whatever your pursuits are in the great outdoors. We were in good company as we drove through the campsites and saw more than a few other iKamper owners enjoying the stunning views of the Eastern Sierra.

Location: Alabama Hills, CA
Temperature: Day: 65 degrees // Night: 40 Degrees
Activity: Rock Climbing // Cycling
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Crossing over the border into Baja, Mexico was something we’d been dreaming about for months now. As we watched the landscape change, our excitement for the days to come was palpable. Without a doubt one of our favorite things about being in Baja was the people we encountered along the way. Driving all of our vehicles onto the beach and camping under the moonlight was something we’ll never forget. The skyview window in the Skycamp 3.0 Mini made for an excellent view of the stars as well as the perfect alarm clock in the morning with the sunrise. As our time in Mexico came to an end and the group parted ways, the days and night spent on the road in our iKampers would no doubt be remembered as one of the most memorable trips of our lives. It’s our passion to use, create and test the best camping gear on the planet. We hope that in our pursuit of that passion we can share our mission to Love People & Love Nature with the world. We hope we see you out there sometime!

Location: Baja, Mexico
Temperature: Day: 80 degrees // Night: 55 Degrees
Activity: Beach camping  // Saltwater Fishing
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We’ll be doing a deep dive into each location we visited on this grand adventure over the coming weeks. Tune in every Thursday in coming weeks for educational tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your iKamper experience wherever you go!