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Written by Rachel Horne 

The iKamper is a top of the range rooftop tent, produced in South Korea and sold to campers all over the world. The company was founded by CEO Soon Park, a South Korean engineer, professional guitar player, and absolute adventure junkie!

He spent 2 years driving and camping all around the US with his wife and children. After an incredible 58,000-mile road trip, used a combination of engineering skills and outdoor passion to create a high-quality roof tent to get more families into the great outdoors.

Living in a self-converted van, I have 24-hour access to some amazing outdoor location. Nonetheless, I know a rooftop tent and 4×4 could let me reach a whole new world of terrain. I am often tempted to trade for a rooftop tent

As awesome as the tent (and its designer) appears to be, it comes with a serious price tag. Thinking it couldn’t possibly be worth the money, I interviewed 5 iKamper owners.

So, is the iKamper worth the money? The resounding answer from all 5 owners we interviewed is “YES!” The iKamper is absolutely worth the money. Especially for “power users” who are looking to camp every opportunity they can. This roof top tent gives them the freedom to get away at a moments notice and do it in comfort.

Here is what they had to say. We cover the pros, cons and ultimate verdict…



Igor (@4runner_4life) has paired his iKamper with a Toyota 4runner. He chose to buy the iKamper because he prefers rooftop camping to sleeping on the ground.

“I’m not a fan of sleeping on the ground. In a dry summer, it can be dusty. If it’s raining – water can flow under the tent.”

What’s more, he finds the iKamper really quick and easy to set up. He can get everything ready in less than 2 minutes!


Ben (@ben_out_co) agrees with Igor about the setup time. He chose it because of the rapid set up, as well as the hardshell and king size mattress!

Ryan (@Offgridding2)  chose the iKamper as a way to support his wellbeing.

“As a military veteran, I seek therapy from the wilderness as an escape. Being outdoors allows me to re-center myself. The iKamper certainly gets me comfortable while being in that environment.”

Fred and Amanda (@Burnt_trekky) are exploring the Oregon coast in their Crosstrek and iKamper. (The awesome featured image up top is theirs!)

They chose to go for the iKamper because they wanted to find a high-quality hard-shell roof tent for their adventures.

“We decided to go for the iKamper mini. Since it’s smaller than most hard-shell tents, it was a perfect fit for us. It has the Aerodynamics of a hard shell and all the space of a soft-shell tent.”

Nick (@quikexpedition) was looking for a top-quality rooftop tent. He chose the iKamper because of its reputation and because it was a perfect fit for his truck bed.



Igor’s favorite thing about the iKamper is the comfort level! His quality of sleep is much better now that his family has the iKamper, and he said the rooftop tent gives him and his family a much better sense of safety and privacy. Especially in bear country.

What’s more, being raised off the ground can make weather conditions much more bearable, both in the dry season and the rainy times.

“In a hot California climate, it’s better to sleep above the ground because during the day the ground accumulates so much heat so it works like a heater at night.”

Ben particularly loves the easy setup and pack down and says that the overall quality has been outstanding. He loves the fact that he can get an additional living space with the Annex add on.


Ryan comes at the iKamper from more of a lifestyle perspective. Getting out in the iKamper gives him a priceless sense of freedom.

“The iKamper allows me to feel free of boundaries in such a limiting society. The inspiration of its designer, Soon Park, is one which I fully support and am glad to invest in.”

He highly rates the quality too.

Fred and Amanda told me that the iKamper fits perfectly on their Crosstrek, and doesn’t reduce their gas mileage as much due to its low profile.

They love how easy it is to set up and put away, giving them more time and energy to focus on one another, as well as the gorgeous landscapes that they are exploring. They appreciate all the little details too!

“The quilted world map is such a nice bonus; it speaks to the quality of the tent.”

Nick’s favorite thing is the ease of set up and take down. He agrees with Fred and Amanda about the aerodynamics of the hard-shell cover too!

“It’s night and day difference compared to my previous rooftop tent.”

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