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If you’ve bought a roof top tent, or are considering it, you may be wondering, “Can I insure a roof top tent?” The short answer is yes! 

Once you take the plunge and invest in camping gear, you may have nagging thoughts about protecting your investments. Understandably so! Tents, sleeping bags, camp chairs, and everything else can add really add up. We’ve all heard tales of misadventure that range from theft to negligence and even natural disasters. Take a deep breath, and set your worried mind at ease. Here’s how you can get back to the business of enjoying the outdoors knowing you’re insured from beginning to end.

First things first.

There’s a range of insurance categories that your RTT can fall into for coverage. Let’s look at each one to determine if your RTT is already covered, or if an itemized provision may be worthwhile to add to your existing policy. 

Home Insurance or Renters Insurance.
Review your policy, or reach out to your insurance provider to confirm the full insured value of your contents coverage, and if liability extends off-site. Contents Coverage for your home or renters insurance typically covers personal possessions, such as your camping equipment, even when you’re using them away from your home. For more valuable items, such as your roof top tent, it may be worthwhile to create an itemized list and the associated value of each item. A provision like this can seem tedious but will help the insurance company reimburse you for prized possessions at their full value, rather than a generic alternative. 

Auto Insurance: Your vehicle’s insurance is generally structured into multiple types of coverage that you can opt into, or not. It depends whether you take the minimalist approach. Each type of coverage serves a different function, and with a roof top tent, they’re all practical for their own reasons. 

Collision coverage: This protects you and your vehicle in the event of a collision: either with another vehicle or a stationary object. Whoops. 

Comprehensive coverage: Think of this as the ‘act of God’ coverage. The theoretical damages that you make every effort to avoid, but are inescapable. A bison charging into your car as you drive through a national park, wildfires, even theft. 

Personal property: This covers anything inside your vehicle, should one of the above worst-case scenarios happen.

At this point.

You may remember when you shopped around for home and auto insurance, thinking, “Do I need that coverage? Do I need that much coverage? Where can I cut corners to lower my monthly payment?” We’ve been there. Everyone has blind spots. Your insurance agent is an email or a phone call away to update your policy, often with immediate effect.

Accidental Damage Protection: Every roof top tent we sell comes with a best-in-class warranty. This one right here. iKamper also offers an in-house, accidental damage warranty through Extend. For those that are looking for extra protection when they’re out on tough trails, we offer Extend. Even if you aren’t on the trail…the drive-through and parking garages can be a tough place for roof top tents if you aren't careful!

Extend Protection plan coverage: Accidental damage from handling: If an accident happens and your product stops working. Extend will replace it at no additional cost. Like: drops, cracks, bends, rips, tears, and structural damage.

Available for 1, 2, or 3 years but must be purchased at the same time as your iKamper roof top tent. 

Benefits of Extend: Peace of Mind: Feel safe and protected with the confidence that your purchase is covered. Repair or Replace: Simple and easy. Once your claim is approved, you will receive an email with instructions on how to repair or replace the product.

Zero Deductible: No fees. No deductibles. No hidden costs. No additional charges when filing a claim. 

Stepping back from insurance and warranties, what can you do to protect your tent? Like, right now? These are two practical options that are free from red tape. 

Bracket Locks: This is the best way to deter theft of your iKamper roof top tent. You can purchase bracket locks here. Our mounts and locks are so strong, that your car will lift off the ground before the brackets or locks break. One customer sent in an image of their vehicle after would-be thieves attempted to pull the RTT off their car with tow straps. The mounting brackets and locks were so strong, that the entire car was pulled over!

Storage: While most of our customers leave their roof top tent mounted year-round without any issues, you may want to protect your investment by keeping it inside. That can look like parking your vehicle inside the garage, or taking the tent off when camping season ends. If you’re not using it, keep it stored in a secure place. Check out this blog where we show you the top ways to store your roof top tent.

Camping should be an escape.

It shouldn’t mean saving room in the trunk to pack all your worries along for the ride. Take a few minutes to double-check your existing coverage, and get back to daydreaming about your next adventure. Your RTT is covered.