LEAP: Limited Early Access Program

Help Bring Better Products to Life

Our brand-new Limited Early Access Program gives select customers the ability to become iKamper Gear Guides with exclusive access to unreleased products in exchange for constructive feedback. These Gear Guides will share their real life experiences, thoughts, and enthusiasm using early release products to contribute to iKamper's goal of creating the best overland products in the world.

The first round of LEAP has been completed, and we look forward to working with our Gear Guides on our new Disco kitchen system! Please stay tuned for the next round of LEAP!

Passionate About Innovation

At iKamper, we strive to constantly grow and improve both our company and our products. We know that some of the best feedback comes from members of the iKamper Community, customers who know what they want and what they're looking for when it comes to adventure.

We're looking for dedicated members of the iKamper Community (iKamper owners) who know exactly what kind of overlanding and camping equipment they need, and who have a knack for product reviews and feedback. If you feel that you'd make an excellent LEAP Gear Guide, we encourage you to apply!

Be a part of our future.

Do you have what it takes to become an official iKamper Gear Guide? For this first edition of LEAP, the selected Gear Guides will get exclusive early access to the Disco Series at a 50% discount. In exchange, we need your valuable feedback and ask that you share your experiences.

Please take the time to carefully fill out the form below. It should only take 15 minutes, but the level of effort put into the application will be key in selecting our first Gear Guides

LEAP: Limited Early Access Program

Be a part of our future.

The Disco Series cooking system that allows you to go anywhere and cook anything. This set comes complete with the Disco Tripod, Disco Skillet, Disco Stove, and Disco Table.

With its wide and concave design, the Disco Skillet is the perfect companion for everything from scrambling eggs to sizzling steaks.

Pair it with the Disco Tripod and Disco Stove and you've got the ultimate "Go Anywhere & Cook Anything" camp stove you've always dreamed of.

Disco Configurations