Arvin Orlando Monarrez

Camp Chef

Hi everyone! My name is Arvin and I’m 32! I was born and raised in Southern California and grew up in a multi-cultural community. I love exploring, I love learning and I love long road trips with a nicely put-together playlist of songs!


Southern California

National Park Camper, Solo traveler, Dog Dad, Foodie, Matcha Lover, Coffee Fanatic, Plant Parent, Naturalist, Prankster
I’d love to explore all of the United States from coast to coast while cooking with chefs from different states and different cuisines! One day..
2016 Toyota Tacoma SR5
Go camping, it’s worth it.
X-Cover Mini, Disco Series

How has iKamper changed the way you think about adventure?

ikamper has changed the way I approach adventure by not comparing myself to others. To chase the feeling of freedom in the outdoors and connect with those around you is what truly matters. If you cannot adventure for a whole week, a weekend is just fine! Just get out there and explore!

Best/Worst Camping Story:

My worst camping story turns out to be the best and most memorable camping trip I’ve ever been on. Back in 2009, 8 of us friends fresh out of high school decide to gear up and go on our first camping trip. After renting a van that ran solely on natural gas, we mistakenly trusted natural gas stations that were unfortunately no longer in business. So, after being stranded for a couple hours, we got lucky eventually receiving help from a nice bus lady that happened to stop by.

She was kind enough to direct us to a working facility. What was meant to be a 4 hour trip, took about 10 hours to make. Once we got to our campsite though, we noticed we forgot tent poles… so we had to make do with what we brought and slept under our gazebo. All 8 of us.. one of the most memorable camping trips to date!

What would your TED Talk be about?

My TED talk would be a monologue on how life always has a funny way of steering us back on the path we’re meant to be on. Trust the process, enjoy the ride!

Favorite go-to camping meal:

I like to keep it simple! A nice hot pot of jambalaya is my go-to meal. If you ever see me out there don’t hesitate to come by for a bowl!

Where could we find you on your day off?

I try to reserve at least one day out of the week for family and one day to myself, So usually I’ll spend my days off with my dog Lincoln scouting new camping spots and visiting my parents and sister!

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