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Wow, where do I start. Love overlanding but love helping people more (more than myself to my detriment 😁). Having the right equipment and support makes friends and I love having good quality friends. I love working smart and lean which simplifies less is more scenario so if it’s not out there, I’ll design it and then let people use the same thing. I even started a “camping show n tell” so people can share there great conversions for others to try. Besides, who doesn’t like to check other peoples rigs. We all do it secretly. Now you don’t need to


Cape Town


Humanitarian, Overlander


Drive the entire coast of Africa


Land Rover - Defender 110 : Puma/Ice Edition


Do unto others as you want do to yourself.


Skycamp 1.0 & 2.0

How has iKamper changed the way you think about adventure?

Sleek and simple is the name of the game. Having the space for my girls and I comfy on top gives me a lot of satisfaction.

Best/Worst Camping Story:

Eish, besides plenty. Let’s try this one. 2 years ago I did a humanitarian trip driving around the entire Okavango Delta (North west Botswana). The one section of road between the schools was 220 km and took us 9 1/2 hours. I had two punches and we arrived at campsite at the end of dusk. Under my vehicle fixing punctures the local campsite keepers kept asking if we wanted something to drink and eat. I was busy as it was dark by now so brushed it off politely but they kept coming back. On the fourth time I said “I’m not sure why you keep asking but I’m busy here is it really that urgent?” Answer. Yes please because the lions in the elephants have already started roaming and they need to get back to the kraal (huts/houses). I immediately said please go and get safe no problem and I carried on and my vehicle. At 1 AM in the morning we heard a elephant burst its trunk and this incredibly loud trumpet must’ve been around 50m from our campsite (and lions in the distance). I sat straight up from the dead and none of us went back to sleep. The next morning we were all talking Who is going to get out there tent first 😁 Once we were all up and walking around we noticed that elephants had walked past our tent less than 10m away and we never heard them. INCREDIBLE animals Elephants.

Where could we find you on your day off?

On the couch 😁

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