Gear Guide Agreement

Gear Guide Agreement


As a participant in the iKamper LEAP program, I agree to fulfill the requirements and provide feedback expected from all Gear Guides in relation to each early product release I participate in. I will be honest, genuine, and thorough in my feedback regarding each element of a product's functionality, design, and other notable features that are highlighted via the field test questionnaire.


1. Gear Guides must purchase the aforementioned early release product within one week of receiving this notification acknowledging their acceptance to the program to be eligible to participate in each product release.

2. A minimum of three outings or uses of each product are required before filling out the field test questionnaire sharing your feedback about the early product you have received.

3. You will be expected to complete your three outings along with your field test questionnaire within 6 weeks of receiving early release products. Don't worry, we'll send you a few emails to remind you and see if you have any questions along the way!

4. Before the official launch of the product by iKamper, you agree to not change or sell the product.

5. You acknowledge that the feedback and the posts you make regarding the product may be used as marketing material by iKamper.

6. Failure to complete or comply with any of these conditions will result in your expulsion from the LEAP program and relinquishment of your standing as an iKamper Gear Guide. 

Now that we're all on the same page, let's all get out there and have a great time with some great new products! Simply fill out the form and check the box below stating you agree to these agreements and conditions, and soon it'll be time to hit the trail.