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April 27, 2021 | By Berne Broudy

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This aerodynamic and lightweight rooftop tent will fit any car you want to put it on, right down to a Mini Cooper. It’s also one of the easiest rooftop tents to deploy — setup takes less than a minute, and so does takedown.

The Skycamp Mini’s ($3,499) hardshell cover flips open to become one wall of the tent, the only wall without a window. That wall is lined with a quilted panel printed with a world map.

The quilting helps manage condensation, while the world map inspires tent dwellers to dream up their next adventure. Plus, the sidewalls, front, and ceiling of the tent all have oversized canopy windows for weather-protected airflow and great views.

The Skycamp Mini is made from breathable and insulating polycotton canvas with a waterproof polyester rainfly. The fly detaches for better airflow and uninterrupted views.

In a storm, you’ll appreciate the fly’s waterproof zippers. And because there’s no vinyl coating on the tent or the fly, this tent is more breathable with less condensation than many others. It’s also quieter in the wind.

The base of the tent is made with two layers of honeycomb aluminum panels with an insulating inch of air between them. A 1.6-inch firm polyfoam mattress with a 6.4 R-value rests on top of the honeycomb floor.

If you like a firm mattress, you’ll love this setup. But if you don’t, buy a softer aftermarket mattress and swap it out.

To get into the tent, climb iKamper’s redesigned ladder. With the ladder attached to the tent, its rungs run parallel to the ground. This makes climbing the ladder both safer and more comfortable than climbing other rooftop tent ladders. On other tents, when the ladder leans against the tent, the ladder rungs are angled.

The Skycamp Mini gives customers a choice of tent finishes. The shiny black hardshell is more aerodynamic and fuel-efficient. The matte black shell is ruggedized and won’t show scratches as distinctly.

Both shells are made from insulated, fiber-reinforced, double-layer plastic that’s soundproof and condensation-resistant.

The Skycamp Mini mounts to a roof rack with iKamper’s quick-to-tighten version 2.0 brackets that are compatible with a maximum crossbar 1.2 inches high and 3.5 inches wide. For higher crossbars, use iKamper’s version 1.0 mounting brackets.

You can also personalize your iKamper Skycamp Mini with accessories. Options include an annex or awning, storage racks, and bracket locks that secure the closing straps.

If you drive a small car, are shopping for a tent for a short-bed truck, or want to mount a rooftop tent on your truck cab, the Skycamp Mini is one of the best options available.

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