Hi iKamper Nation!

We have had such a great time seeing all of your video submissions for the "Show Us Your Tent" giveaway and so many smiles have happened because of them! We've been sorting through all of your incredible review videos and have finally come up with our 5 winners! Here is a look at the top 5 video submissions we've received from around the world and a little bit about the participants from the iKamper community. 

We want to thank all of you who participated and shared with us your exciting take on what it means to be a part of the iKamper Nation and what you love the most about your tent. Till next time, keep exploring out there and we'll keep making sure you always have the best tent to do it in.

Cheers & Be Well!

The iKamper Team  



Tent Model: Skycamp 2.0

Prize: $1,000 in iKamper credit

"Hands down the ease of setup and roominess of the tent are our favorite features. My wife wasn't totally sold on the idea until the tent arrived, and was able to actually climb inside and see how much space she had! The Skycamp blows the competition out of the water. Traveling around and exploring with my family has only been possible with a tent that travels this small yet expands large enough to fit all of us."



Tent Model: X-Cover

Prize: Aioks

"The iKamper has enabled our family to get out and explore during a challenging and isolating time."



Tent Model: Skycamp 2.0

Prize: Dometic Fridge

"There is no better feeling than knowing I can jump in the truck with my family and go camping anytime. When you have an iKamper, you can leave to anywhere spur of the moment and you have a shelter ready to go."



Tent Model: Skycamp Mini

Prize: Maxtrax

"I'm proud to own an iKamper. Everyday we are out, I love that people come up to us and ask us about our tent. They ask about the function and we are always happy to tell them about it. I'm proud to have a quality built rooftop tent."



Tent Model: Skycamp Mini

Prize: Claymore Lights

"I feel a strong sense of pride when I park and set up my iKamper- whether I’m in the mountains or on the beach! My favorite part is that I can take my mom camping to places we’ve never seen with my iKamper set up! It is amazing to be part of a community that loves exploring the outdoors with family and friends."

For more videos, check out iKamper's official YouTube channel by clicking here!

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