The end of the 2021 year was stressful in public schools in California, many Cov19 cases were on the rise inside of schools, it was a bleak moment. As soon as the winter break started, I was eager to get away and spend time away from civilization in the mountains, but what I realized was that the kids were stressed too.

I typically don't bring my son (yet) to hardcore weather trips because I know how difficult they can be, however, that previous week I had gotten my hands on the iKamper insulation tent and heard great things about it. I felt this would be an appropriate trip to the test the roof top tent insulation in cold weather with kids. Temperatures in the eastern Sierra Nevada in California average a high of 41° during the day, and 17° at night! Sleeping outside is not for the faint-hearted.

My son invited his best friend...

...who had never seen snow before. I warned both of them how cold it would be at night, but they’re troopers - into the mountains we went.

Our first night was spent in Mammoth, the temperature was 12 °, however, you could not tell from inside the tent because of the insulation. Though everyone had sleeping bags, I had to open my bag up and sleep on top of it because I felt so warm. I asked the boys how they felt, and my son also said he was warm at night and had to take his sweater off. I'm sure he runs a little bit hot, like his dad. 

That week we had a fire...

...the boys played in the snow, and ate smores for dinner one night… because life is too short! We made our way down the beautiful CA-395 until we reached Alabama Hills for our final night. We set up the fire, the boys hung outside for a while before it got too cold. Soon they made their way inside the Skycamp 2.0 and watched movies until they fell asleep - it was their personal fort. Everywhere we went for the next 4 nights, no one could tell what the actual temperature was outside because it was so comfortable inside. 

The best part of this trip...

... was spending time with my son, away from the stress of our daily lives. Our only worries the entire trip were, ‘where is the restroom?’, and ‘how are we gonna eat all this food?' This trip will be one of the memories that I will forever cherish and I am sure the boys will never forget.

- Felipe @elevatedtrailsquad

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Sep 25, 2022 01:07:53 PM