It's spring and you're dusting off the rooftop tent after winter storage. With fewer rainy days and more sun on the horizon, you're ready to get back outside and start the camping season with a bang. Every April, there is a week-long celebration of our national parks.

If you want to camp in a national park with your rooftop tent, this is the week to do it! On April 16, entry fees are waived to kick off National Park Week. You will still have to reserve a campsite, of course, but the free entry does make things a bit easier.

Learn more here: National Park Week

After you've spent the weekend camping in one of our many national parks, and decide you'd like to visit more, we recommend purchasing an 'America the Beautiful Pass'. This covers 1-year entry into all national parks as well as Federal Recreational Lands.

You can purchase the pass here: America the Beautiful

If you can't find a campsite inside a national park, many are surrounded by BLM or national forest lands. To avoid straying onto privately owned land, we use apps such as Gaia and OnX that clearly identify where the borders of BLM and national forest lands fall. For dispersed camping near national parks, please follow these rules:

  • Camp on bare soil if possible, to avoid damage or killing plants and grass.
  • Camp at least 100 feet away from any water source to prevent groundwater contamination.
  • Don't spoil the view. Try to make your campsite less visible by parking at a distance from clearings or meadows, that way everyone can enjoy it.
  • Pick a campsite that is already level. Do not try to level or dig trenches in the ground at your campsite. If you need to, utilize leveling blocks.

Now go toss your sleeping gear in your iKamper RTT, load your hiking boots, and find a beautiful place to camp this weekend!

If you don't have an RTT yet, what are you waiting for? Find you perfect tent HERE.

Want to sleep like a baby? Check out our Sleeping Systems HERE.

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