R.A.D.: Roamers, Adventurers, Dreamers

2020 was one hell of a year and so we thought we'd kick off 2021 by sharing some big news. We're so excited to announce the first members of our 2021 RAD Ambassador Team!

What does it mean to be RAD?


Inside us all there is something that calls us into the unknown, the desire to find ourselves in places we've never been and then keep going. The only question left is, how do we get there? Our RAD Ambassadors Lisa & Jason have been living out of their iKamper all around the world in their pursuit of happiness and a life built to roam.


There's no telling where some adventures might take you, but that's the beauty of it all. No one has shared that beauty quite like iKamper ambassador Max Muench! What started as a thirst for capturing the natural beauty of incredible landscapes all around the world has turned into a lifestyle of adventure most of us could only dream of. See how Max has turned his love for adventure into a legacy of helping others do the same that has taken him to the far reaches of Mongolia and beyond!


We've all dreamt of being able to turn our passions into something that we're able to share with the world. Jason Nicosia has done just that by taking his love for cooking on the road... as long as that road is dirt and ends with good friends and a great view! Get to know Jason (also known as Overland Eats) and follow along as he takes his iKamper into the backcountry sharing his love for cooking with the overlanding community!

Now that you've gotten a taste (pun intended) for the amazing folks around the world who make up just a few members of our RAD Ambassador team, we can't wait to share more stories and insights as the year goes on. Be sure to check back often for updates, adventures, and much more from the team in 2021!

See all of our iKamper RAD Ambassadors by clicking here!

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